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Re: Chicago Area

Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:42 am

Hello fellow I3 owners,

I'm in Palatine, long time EV advocate , purchased a 2015 I3 REX Terra (Solar Orange) from Motorwerks of Barrington.
Traded in a Ford Focus Electric (an extremely underrated EV).

Coded the following features and my opinion of it.

Enable REX Manually - A must have
Enabled the extra 1/2 gallon Gas - Nice to have
AM Radio - Useless
Tire Temp & Pressure- nice to have
Turned off welcome gongs and seat belt warnings - nice to have

In my opinion the weakness of the I3 is the wheels & tires, I wish they were more standard.

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Re: Chicago Area

Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:28 am

being in the chicago area, i've found that i've really never needed to do the Hold thing with the rex. Chicago is so flat that the 6% it maintains is enough that the rex can keep up with the energy demands. I coded it when i first got it, but then when the dealer upgraded my software, my coding got wiped and i never bother putting it back... i think the only times my rex ever fires is when it need to do maintenance, but in all reality the range is more than enough in the chicagoland area as long as you have access to chargers where you go regularly

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Re: Chicago Area

Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:28 am

I use my REX a bit different then most..

when ever I get up on the expressway and the traffic flow is fast (70+) I turn on the REX to save battery for the Destination.

This comes in Handy on my monthly trip to Milwaukee, I am generally at about 75% battery by the time I hit Gurnee, so I can turn it on until I get to Milwaukee, do my errands, head back home and turn the REX back on.

Generally I can make it to Milwaukee and Back on one charge and 1 tank of Gas. with room to spare, while traveling the with the flow of traffic.

I haven't had the Car through the winter yet, so I assume I will have to either charge or refuel during that trip in the cold months.

This is a trip that was a total pain in the ... with my Ford Focus Electric.. with that car I would have to top off my charge in Gurnee (about an hour) charge in Milwaukee (about 2 hours ) then charge a little back in Gurnee (about an hour) adding about 4 hours to a two and half hour (driving) trip.

I hope BMW continues the REX concept, nothing is faster then having your charger on board and able to use it in real time even if it is gas powered.

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Re: Chicago Area

Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:38 pm

I’m also in Palatine - I had a laurel mega Bev for a two year lease and recently got a ionic giga Bev. I just got TJA going and would love to help others interested in the same mod..

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