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Re: Charge door no longer locking and unable to CCS charge now

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:15 am
by frictioncircle
TheMK –

Thanks for those newTIS links!

Drilling down to the i3, there are a LOT of subheadings that seem to make no sense whatsoever. "28 Twin-clutch gearbox (DKG)"? :lol:

I think my problem is with the plug locking mechanism, but I decided to take it to the dealer before tackling bumper removal.

A note from the dealer drop-off...

They have seen this issue before and suggested that, not only could the locking plunger be at fault, failures of the control module and/or the interconnect between the two have been observed.

Once I get the i3 back I'll update this thread.