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Potentially leasing tomorrow

Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:28 pm

Hi all. Looking to get into a 2015 I3 Rex tomorrow. I have been working with a dealer who worked up 2 options for me. Both 30 months/10k miles with $2500 down (the Cali rebate I'll front). I plan on also paying all of the associated fees and the security deposit x7 to bring the payment down further. Looks like he worked the quote with that all rolled into the payment. Works out to about 12% off MSRP.
The only thing left to work out is the trade value on my S4.

MSRP: 49,745
Your Price: 43,540

2500 (initial cash investment)

30 month lease: $306 plus tax ... 10136.html

Second option:

MSRP: 52,245
Your Price: 45,900

2500 (initial cash investment)

30 month lease: $343 plus tax ... 62392.html

Anything look wildly wrong here? I think I'm leaning toward the full-leather model.

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