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Re: Why not make the Remote App available for WindowsPhone?

Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:36 am

alohart wrote:
theo wrote:Wow. U sir are one of "those". Stop pesting this thread with nonsense.

You have exposed me for what I am: one of "those" (whoever they are). Everything you wrote is true and everything that I wrote is false. WP is the greatest gift to mankind which is why so many millions of people use it, and everything that Apple produces is pure junk which is why almost no one uses their products.

BMW has made a horrible mistake by not producing a WP version of iRemote. This mistake will cost BMW so many lost customers that its existence as a business is being threatened. For all of our sakes, we hope that BMW finally sees the light and ports iRemote to WP so that millions of WP users will buy i3's. How could BMW have been so foolish?!

This forum is not the proper place for OS wars, so I will no longer discuss operating systems. Maybe someone will write an Android emulator for WP so that you will be able to run iRemote on your Windows phone.

Theo, kom till Uppsala så att jag kan visa er några saker om OS X och iOS och du kan visa mig några saker om WP och din i3 (tyvärr är vår i3 i Honolulu).

Agrees! No OS wars discussions here, lets start another thread for that if necessary.
My only point with this thread is that BMW should make an app for WP (if they cant get their ios and android apps to run stable, perhaps they should release their apis/sdk and let someone else make it).

Vad gör i3an i Honolulu? Varför ingen i Sverige?

Kom till Skåneland så kan jag visa en del om i3 som [förmodligen] ingen här på forumet känner till vill jag lova!

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Re: Why not make the Remote App available for WindowsPhone?

Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:18 pm

How about releasing that app now....
Given how easy it is to port ios/android apps to Win 10 mobile, theres no excuse BMW!

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