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Re: Noob Buying Questions (some technical)

Thu May 18, 2017 12:54 pm

ASUN wrote:
themace wrote:6) What else should I know before jumping into it?

Do a bit of a research to determine if there is a sufficient charging network in your area.

If the range works for you, this car is a blessing to drive around town. Just remember it's a city commuter, not for long ranges. I have an ICE for longer range drives.

I use the i3 to commute daily between home and work, and run errands around town over the weekends.

My first maintenance is scheduled for this Sept, I haven't bring it back to BMW for any issues or problems, except for the one software recall last year. There is one pending, I have yet to find time to get that done. I will perhaps wait till Sept.

Sounds great. I have charging at home and another car I can use for longer trips if needed.

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