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Re: What Range do you get with real world conditions?

Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:39 am

Pavone wrote:ps
CO2 makes plants grow faster, CO2 doesn't have a considerable impact on climate, see Svensmark research for instance

Yes, CO2 makes plants grow faster.

However, no matter what you state, the fact is that almost no atmospheric scientists anywhere in the world agree with your statement that CO2 doesn't have a considerable impact on climate. You and others can cherry-pick data that purports to show the opposite, but the complexity of the climate is such that non-experts cannot possibly interpret climate data better than experts. There will always be a few climate scientists who deny human-caused climate change because they are biased, are paid by those who profit from the status quo, who believe that the free market will take care of all problems, etc., but until their views are supported by a huge body of credible evidence, no one should believe them.

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