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Re: Help! Would an i3 suit us??!

Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:38 am

GuyD wrote:It certainly makes ICE cars feel very yesterday! So now we wait for a second suitable bigger suv EV to become available here to add to the i3. I-Pace maybe?

Wait for the X3

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Re: Help! Would an i3 suit us??!

Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:27 am

Presumably you mean the iX3?! If it is a 'conversion' of an existing ICE car (like the Golf; Leaf; Zoe?) then I am not interested. Which is my understanding so far but I may have the wrong end of the stick.....

I want to buy a genuine, designed 'from the ground up' EV (like the i3; I-Pace; any Tesla) which optimises all the space and format of an EV. I want revolution not evolution!

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Re: Help! Would an i3 suit us??!

Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:03 pm

Up to this point, the only non-Bridgestone OEM tires available for the i3 are winter tires from Nokian. As far as I can tell, the i3 is the only vehicle that utilizes that size, so the market is limited. BMW, like most manufacturers, prefers to have alternate sources, but there is a limit on who will play or pay for the limited volume. As the car is on the market longer, and more have been sold, someone else may decide to take up the project but it hasn't happened yet, except for Nokian. Scandinavia has probably the highest proportion of EVs of any place, but China may be catching up...coupled with their severe winter conditions, Nokian saw a market for winter tires. Nobody else has for either the winter ones or those for other seasons.
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Re: Help! Would an i3 suit us??!

Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:22 pm

GuyD wrote:It is fantastic around town and on smoother tar. But it is still too throbby for my liking on rough tar so it is definitely the tyres (as supplied in 2017 by BMW as it is virtually new).

Your 20" tires have 1" less sidewall height compared with the i3's 19" tires which could explain the tire noise. There's less sidewall to absorb pavement irregularities. Many i3 owners familiar with both the 19" and 20" tires have stated that the 19" tires provide a more comfortable ride.

GuyD wrote:I think I should look into alternative low noise tyres at some point. Anybody got a good recommendation? - although they may not be available in Africa...

There's only one 20" tire option regardless of where you live, so until a tire manufacturer decides to produce a competing 20" tire, no choices exist.

GuyD wrote:According to the read-out I am getting 5.8km per kW but that would indicate 34 kW battery use - huh?! I thought only 27kW was useable?

Brave new world for most of us: kW is a power unit, kWh is an energy unit. So your efficiency was 5.8 km per kWh.

The actual and usable capacities depend on temperature, how rapidly charge and discharge occur (i.e., charge and discharge current levels), and how well-balanced the 96 battery cells are in terms of capacity, charge level, and internal resistance. BMW states the nominal actual capacity as 33.2 kWh with 27.2 kWh usable. Some feel that the usable capacity is greater than 27.2 kWh under many conditions. You might have a battery pack with exceptional battery cells.

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Re: Help! Would an i3 suit us??!

Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:44 am

Thanks Art - useful stuff.

Incidentally I felt that the demo i3 on 19" wheels was no better than this car on 20" wheels. Indeed I was surprised that the ride still seems fine - quite acceptable to me but I like a 'firmer and talkative' ride....

Now I have filled the i3 with heavy rubber mat just about everywhere I can fit it, I'll just have to accept the tyre noise - already my ears are cancelling out the background noise a fair bit. The difference between smooth tar noise and the rougher stuff that we have all over the place is night and day.

But the Harmon Kardon sound system helps in this task!

If we've got excellent batteries, I'll not complain. Already with the range I'm getting (and the Rex as back-up) allied to the journeys we do, I am over range anxiety.

I'm going to do a set of T-shirts - "Electric Cars - just simply better". Can't believe the amount of EVangelising I'm having to do - there is far more awareness and curiosity than I imagined - even here in darkest Afrika.....

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