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Looking to buy a BMW i3 climate cover

Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:27 am

Has anyone got a used BMW i3 climate cover for sale?
It's available in amazon for $144

But i just wonder whether anyone of you who got a used one in good condition that you don't use anymore and is willing to part with for a lesser amount.

Thank you!

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Re: Looking to buy a BMW i3 climate cover

Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:37 pm

Mine's not for sale, but while it was a long time ago, I think I paid about $90 for mine...look around, Amazon isn't always the best price. I don't know if they make a right hand drive and left hand drive version, but I think mine ended up being made for the right-hand drive market. There's a clear (at least for the first couple of years!) window in it that is, I think, supposed to be over where the VIN tag is...on mine, it's on the right-hand side. If that's what it's for, it might be for a UK market, but I don't know if their VIN plate is different than ours. FWIW, I don't care, but it's a point. IT does keep the interior cooler and doesn't take long to install. Be careful if you put a windshield wiper on top to help hold the bottom down when you remove the thing...I've not had an issue, but someone pulled theirs off, pulling the wiper way up, and then it banged back, cracking the windshield. I slide mine out from under, and haven't had any issues for nearly 4-years now.
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