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Connected Drive Departure Time

Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:39 pm

Edit :: Ok Looks like its a general issue with many in USA now
So i have again issue with the Departure Time settings via the app
All was working fine , when one day i changed the departure time directly in the car

Now , any changes to departure time , always fails via the app. I can still change in the car

I have read this bug before , some time, some where
I kind of remember , that some people , said deleting everything via the car fixed the issue. Then only use app
It has not for me as yet. I cannot delete the time via the car. You can deactivate departure time and set time to to 12 AM. Is that deleting it

Any suggestions are welcome. Due to another bug, my web login is not in sync with my app login, so i cannot change via the web. The car is not visible in my web login.

Not sure , how many years, if ever , will it take for BMW to resolve the bugs. No OTA should not mean no fixing of bugs
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