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Sun Shield

Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:18 am


We just purchased a used 2016 BMW i3 and we've been finding this form as well as some of the blogs, YouTube videos, and reviews to be very helpful in learning more about how to best use and care for this vehicle so a big THANK YOU to everyone for taking the time to share your experiences and tips.

Right now, we are hoping for some advice on finding a front window in-vehicle sun shield. The car will be in the garage at home, but I do not have covered parking at work and typically use a sun shield, especially in the summer, to mitigate the car temperature and to protect the dashboard. When we purchased the car, the BMW parts department could not locate a sun shield for our model and year and, in an online search, the only thing we have found is shields that go on the outside of the vehicle. I worry that outside shields could be stolen or blow away in a strong wind. Has anyone found an in-vehicle BMW sun shield or an aftermarket version that fits and works well in the i3? If so, please share the name/item number and where you ordered it.

Thank you.


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Re: Sun Shield

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FWIW, the BMW i3 cover is unlikely to blow's hooked around each front door handle, pockets cover the mirrors, and there's a strap that goes inside the car with a ball on the end that is on the passenger side of the car. While you could cut it off, it is not going to blow off on its own. I like mine. Because it covers not only the windshield but the front two door windows, and that section on the roof, it does make a significant difference in heat in the cabin. An internal window shade still means the glass will get hot from the ir going through it and being reflected back. Some of it will radiate into the car. Nor does it cover the door windows or the roof. I find I can install mine in about a minute. I don't fold it when taking it off, but that would take longer.

If you want a custom interior one for the i3, WeatherTec does make one...not cheap.
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Re: Sun Shield

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I have always liked the simplicity and low cost of the "magic spring" sunshades that change shape from rectangles to smaller circles when twisting 2 adjacent corners toward each other. I have the jumbo size that has a reflective mirror coating on one side. Twisted into circles and secured with the attached elastic loop, these shades quickly store under the driver's seat unlike most foldable sunshades.

A negative is that the large mirror mount on the windshield deforms these shades causing a small coverage gap in the center below the mirror mount. They cover the entire height of the windshield and can be held in place by flowing down the sun visors.

These are generally available in stores like Walmart or auto supply stores. They shouldn't cost more than $15.

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