BMW i3 Availability

The BMW i3 is part of BMW’s Project i. Project i is a program to develop lightweight urban electric vehicles to address the mobility and sustainability needs for people who live in large cities or ‘megacities’. The BMW i3 was originally dubbed the MegaCity.

Project i has 3 phases. The first phase was the Mini E demonstration. We are now in the second phase of Project i which includes the field testing of the BMW ActiveE all electric vehicle. The last phase of Project i is the development of the BMW i3 electric vehicle.

The BMW i3 prototype was initially presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

BMW plans to manufacturer the carbon fiber bodies of the BMW i3 in a plant in Moses Lake, Washington. The carbon fiber pieces will then be shipped overseas to Landshut, Germany for final assemble in BMW’s Leipzig plant. BMW hopes to start production of the BMW i3 electric vehicle in 2013.

The BMW i3 roll out is planned to include major cities around the world where the Mini E demonstration programs took place including the US, Germany,France,  and the United Kingdom.

BMW i3 UK availability

After a lengthy test drive in i3 electric vehicle, Car Magazine is reporting that the BMW i3 will go on sale in November 2013.

BMW i3 United States Availability

The 2013 launch of the BMW i3 in the US is scheduled to include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, New York City, and the suburban areas of New jersey and Connecticut.

BMW was aiming for a September 2013 launch for the i3, but it will likely be later since the UK availability of the i3 is set for November.

In July 2013, BMW officially set the on-sale date for the i3 in the US to be in the second quarter of 2014.

In January 2014, at the Detroit Auto Show, BMW said the US deliveries of the i3 would start in May 2014.

BMW i3 in South Africa

BMW has announced the i3 will launch in 2014 in South Africa. The i3 is expected to be priced between R 440,000 and R 470,000 (US $47,867 to $51,130) or roughly equivalent to the South African price for an entry-level BMW 5 Series.

BMW i3 in South Korea

According to Korea Times, BMW plans to launch the i3 in May 2014. If so, BMW would be the first to introduce an imported EV model in the country. – Good website for BMW i3 parts and accessories.

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  1. Evan says:

    shouldn’t the car be available in Washington state since its carbon fiber shell is manufactured in Moses Lake?I understand that it is not completely assembled here, but it would be a nice gesture to make it available to local residents, too (gemuetlich, nicht wahr? 🙂

    • admin says:

      I agree it seems a little strange. I guess BMW wants a slow controlled rollout?

    • Correction says:

      Actually, the shell is not made in Washington. Only the CFRP material is fabricated in Washington. The actual shell and molding of the “life compartment” is done in Germany.

  2. sd_fuller says:

    I am wondering if you will actually be able to BUY the car, versus having to lease (or rent) it?? I would have bought the electric 1-series except for this factor. I am really hoping that with the launch of the i series that this will change. *fingers crossed*

  3. Nu2ecar says:

    There is a Car Show in San Diego next week. BMW has a stand. Will the i3 be there? Will it be possible to get a test drive? The local car dealerships don’t know.

  4. WasteZeroSF says:

    Is anyone tracking their inbound i3 order from Germany? My dealer has no order number for me yet.

  5. Raymond says:

    I ordered a bmw i3 in December 2013 and have been told I will not be here until November 2014 is this normal for the delivery

  6. G P Singh says:

    I do not know why BMW i3 is not launched in INDIA.

  7. G P Singh says:

    Why BMW i3 is not launched in INDIA ?

  8. Suresh Kumar Bafna says:

    When is BMW i3 available in India(Bangalore) and at what price

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