BMW has 11,000 orders for the i3

Dr. Ian Robertson addressed the media at NAIAS 2014 saying, “Good morning and welcome to BMW! What a sound! What great cars. It’s cars like this which make BMW so successful, especially here in the US! Ludwig, you had a great year in 2013.”

2014 bmw i3 plugged in

That’s how BMW’s Detroit Auto Show presentation started. As the speech rolled on, we were reminded of BMW’s accomplishments throughout 2013 (which included 1.96 million vehicle sales – their most successful year ever), and all of the new vehicles BMW has planned for the coming year.

Hidden amongst the details was the mention of the BMW i3. Sales started in November in Europe, and we all know that. The new tidbit is that BMW has received around 11,000 worldwide orders for the i3. These are real orders, not simply people who have expressed interest!

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