BMW i Program, cancelled? Then confirmed not cancelled

BMW i Program ActiveE

Back in late May, Automobile Magazine posted a story stating that BMW’s I project was going to be unplugged, and there was a possibility of BMW abandoning the i Program. This created a firestorm of articles posted and reposted across various EV sites and forums.

Tom Maloughney has been involved with BMW’s electric mobility program for over 3 years. He first leased a Mini E in June 2009 and switched it out for a BMW Active E in January. During that time he has been part of many focus groups and other interactions with electric vehicle program managers at BMW. When Tom saw these articles, he was at first amused, and then concerned that there was something going on in the BMW i Project that he wasn’t aware of.

You can read the full article on Inside Evs, but basically Rich Steinberg from BMW says there is no truth at all in the articles that state BMW may be having second thoughts about the BMW i3 and other vehicles in the BMW i program. BMW’s global plans for the i brand have not changed, which means that the BMW i3 is still on target for release in the second half of 2013!

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