BMW i3 Sustainability

BMW i3 Sustainability

The latest version of the BMW i3 electric vehicle Concept represents a new level of sustainability. From the interior to the exterior, the BMW i3 uses technology and new manufacturing processes to use less energy during manufacturing.

The interior of the BMW i3 uses many natural and renewable resources. The wood insets in the dash and door panels are European eucalyptus wood that conserves resources during the building of the i3 and minimizes CO2 during disposal. The wood is grown entirely in Europe and is certified as 100% sustainable. The leather in the seats is tanned with a natural olive agent taken from the leaves of olive trees. The agent provides natural protection against fading and wear while giving the leather a unique look and character.

The BMW i3 is a demonstration of BMW’s holistic approach to sustainability. When compared to a highly efficient vehicle in the same class, the BMW i3 has 1/3 less global warming potential over its entire life cycle.

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