Cadillac ELR vs BMW i3

We know that the BMW i3 and the Cadillac ELR little in common. However, they are both targeted at buyers looking for a luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

The BMW i3 is a pure electric vehicle, which is totally different than the Cadillac ELR  (discuss the Cadillac ELR here). However, the BMW i3 Rex is a range extended electric vehicle just like the Cadillac ELR will be.

BMW and Cadillac are both premium brands, the difference being that one is German and the other is Made in the USA.

Cadillac ELR vs BMW i3 Range Extender

Cadillac ELR Specifications

The Cadillac ELR is basically a Chevy Volt wrapper in a great looking Cadillac body. The pure electric range is around 35 miles, with an electric and gasoline combined range of around 300 miles. Top speed from the 295 lb-ft of torque electric motor is more than 100 mph. Compare this to the i3’s 184 lb-ft of torque, and top speed of 95 mph, and the ELR wins.

We all know that there is more to an electric vehicle than the motor power and top speed, and it would be ridiculous to stop the comparison there. The BMW i3 is a mainly electric vehicle with a gasoline range extender that kicks in when the battery pack dies. Thus, the i3 has an all electric range of around 100 miles (hasn’t been EPA tested yet) which is triple that of the ELR.

The Cadillac ELR is designed to be a 2 door coupe sports car, with a tiny rear seat to lower insurance costs and trick people into thinking the ELR will work if they ever have kids (for the young buyers), or if they have their grandkids with for the weekend (for the older buyers).

The BMW i3, on the other hand, right from the initial concepts, has always been designed to be a small, compact, maneuverable vehicle for primary use in urban centers. BMW added rear suicide doors to aid access to the rear seats.

The Cadillac ELR has 4 seats just like the BMW i3.

For more information on the 2014 Cadillac ELR, visit the ELR forum here.

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