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Central display

Thu Aug 20, 2020 8:45 am

I have a spot on the central display on my 66 plate i3 , been told by BMW that it cost £2200 to replace and about two hours labour ?
Is this right anybody else had this problem ?
Does it really take two hours to fit it as I can only see two screws and a plug and it’s out.
Thanks John

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Re: Central display

Thu Aug 20, 2020 8:55 am

Some have swapped the smaller screen for a larger one and were able to buy the screen from China for something in the order of a few hundred pounds. They have described their efforts in various posts if you search. So, it somewhat depends on the model year and the screen you have whether one of those might work. I have no idea of the comparative quality between the two, but it didn't sound like a huge deal.
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Re: Central display

Fri Aug 21, 2020 7:08 am

I bought a 10.25" display via for about US$350. The hardest part of the installation is prying out the plugs over the two screws. After the screws are out, the display pulls straight up.

I don't know what "66 plate" means. You can probably find the BMW part number for the replacement display at (you will need the last 7 characters of your VIN).

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