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Keeping the i3, Bought an ID.4...

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:25 pm
by eNate
I bought a Volkswagen ID.4 about a week ago, as my wife's primary driver. It's an interesting take on the i3.

Like the i3, the ID.4 is rear wheel drive (there's an AWD version coming this summer). As such, it lacks the torque steer that turned me off from buying a Kia eNiro. It also shares a similar, almost identical turning circle. The ID.4 is two feet longer than the i3, but the wheelbase is only 8 inches longer. The big 20" wheels on the ID.4 very much remind me of the 19" turbine wheels on my i3. Thankfully VW spec'd standard sized tires.

Like the i3, it's got about 200 HP. But it also has 1200 or so more pounds, and a softer ride, which is good for comfort, but it wallows like a spritely hippopotamus when maneuvering. Not awful, but not sport-oriented, more mini van-esq. It's no back road carver, but then again, neither is my i3. It's definitely energetic to drive, and super smooth and quiet in the cabin (which, like the i3, feels airy and spacious).

Like the i3, it has a sunshade. Ok, that and a big-assed glass roof. But I mention it because we also looked at the Polestar2, and it has a similar all-glass roof, but no shade, same as Tesla, same as Mach-e. That sun shade is practical and was a big consideration. And since I mentioned Polestar, the ID.4 also has a flat floor, for comfortable 3-across seating in the back, no "transmission tunnel" battery storage compartment, which was kind of lame.

Like the i3, the ID.4 has a small driver-centered display mounted to the steering column, and a larger main center display. Unlike the i3, VW's implementation is touch screen, has an excellent wireless Android Auto execution that's sort of "window in window" so other car functions are still available. VW styled their drive selector very much like the i3, except that there are two drive modes based on if you want no or a little regenerative braking on pedal lift-off (and if more regen is desired, the brake pedal provides "blended braking" where max regen is achieved and mixed with hydraulic braking as necessary). So, yeah... getting a bit of hate on that decision, kind of like the i3 does.

Like the i3, there is a windshield mounted camera tasked with ACC, pedestrian and collision detection, and speed limit sign reading. Unlike the i3, the ACC is enhanced with radar hidden IN the bumper facia (literally invisible from the exterior!) and let me say, Volkswagen did this right. It's incredibly smooth, approaches traffic ahead while gradually tapering off speed, doesn't freak out if a car cuts the gap ahead, and bonus, does a good job steering the car on the highway if activated, no TJA / Quidzel silliness.

Like the i3, it has a battery. About 87 kWh useable vs. the 28 kWh in my i3. And for that, it gets about 250 miles vs. my 130 miles. The ID.4 isn't the most efficient EV, looking at about 3 mi/kWh but we're still feeling it out. On my 16A L2 charger that pumps 10% into my i3 per hour, the ID.4 only recuperates 4.5%. I need to get busy installing my 40A EVSE.

Like the i3, the ID.4 is a similar hatchback design with a cargo cover that hangs on strings and lifts with the tailgate. But in this case, it's a motorized liftgate with a kick sensor.

Like the i3, the ID.4 is not a wagon nor a sedan. And that's noteworthy to me only because my previous 5 cars have all been wagons, and my wife's previous six cars have all been 4-door sedans. So these two cars represent a break from tradition with both of us.

There you have it. I mean, there's more, but that's all the i3-related stuff I can think of.

Re: Keeping the i3, Bought an ID.4...

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:36 pm
by Deutsch100
Awesome. Love that you took the time to compare the two. I like the ID.4, but I wish the USA would get the ID.3. I think VW did a very good job on both cars, but still for the i3 debuting in 2014...IMO, it looks more modern and unique that the ID cars, but I'm sure VW wanted something that would appeal to the masses. Congrats on the new car. Drive her in good health!

Re: Keeping the i3, Bought an ID.4...

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:43 pm
by eNate
True, and there's no arguing the i3 is a unique design for the ages. But I do think the ID.4 stands out from the RAV4 / CRV form factor it's trying to muscle in on, and from my wife's standpoint, "it doesn't look like an SUV." But honestly, these IDs are going to be as common as Priuses (or, in California, as common as Teslas) and just blend in with the noise.

Re: Keeping the i3, Bought an ID.4...

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:49 pm
by agzand
I had reserved an iD4 first edition, but cancelled and purchased a CPO 2018 i3 REX. The main reason was that due to COVID related changes my driving distance has dropped quite a lot. I have only 17,000 miles on my other car at 2.5 year mark, normally it is closer to 37,500 at this point. So it just didn't make sense to spend so much on another car while our other car is basically in brand new condition.

The cars have some similarities, I read rumors indicating once BMW made a U turn on the i program many engineers went to VW and joined the ID program. I am not sure how much truth is to this rumor, but on paper the cars appear to share some common traits.

Re: Keeping the i3, Bought an ID.4...

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:52 am
by EVMan
Have a i3 and model 3

Very different cars
i3 , is cool simple peaceful to drive in lower speeds. Little difficult on freeways which are not perfectly leveled. steering does not keep centered automatically. but its nice and fun and peaceful in city
M3 is preferred on high speed. Wants to drive fast , a thriller.

The big difference is software and software updates with new features which keep popping.

e.g I planning to drive cross country coast to coast . The only EV car i will use is M3. Its not the range, but the built in routing of supercharging for charging and driving integrated together with full time and elevation calculations . More reliable self driving on freeway also helps in long distance.

EV have inherent drawback with slow charging, charging calculation , charging speed curve , and this AI to help with the full charging plan is the game changer in my opinion, to level the field with ICE.

AI says charge hear 10 mins and there 15 mins, to overlap with natural breaks. perfect.

Also the sentry mode security system with 4 continuous running cameras outside , and a password protection will be useful, when i park it outside with my stuff.

Re: Keeping the i3, Bought an ID.4...

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:42 am
by Fisher99
Just took a ride in a friend's newly delivered ID.4 1st Edition and was quite impressed. Excellent build quality. Nice job on the display screens. Quiet and solid. Huge glass roof, which makes it feel quite airy inside. Lots of room including leg room in the back. Was quite surprised to find that it doesn't have a frunk though. But still, it's a really nice EV.

Re: Keeping the i3, Bought an ID.4...

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 12:22 pm
by eNate
I've already contacted Wokeby of the I3 Trunk Extension to inquire about engineering a frunk retrofit. There's room for a small tray to carry the EVSE and tire kit.

Re: Keeping the i3, Bought an ID.4...

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:44 pm
by ScottOwnsAPanda
EVMan wrote:
Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:52 am
M3 is preferred on high speed. Wants to drive fast , a thriller.
Yes, that's true of a BMW M3 too. Why not just say "Model 3". Too many abbreviations. ;)