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parking lights remain on

Wed Jul 28, 2021 6:30 am


Last night we found the parking lights are remaining on. The Owern's Manual PDF is not terribly helpful. Any best practices to make sure the parking lights are off?

BTW, this explains excessive battery SOC loss when the car is parked.

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Re: parking lights remain on

Sat Jul 31, 2021 9:55 pm

I like to put mine on when driving short trips and turn them off again when I'm finished. there is a gong sounding when opening the door but its the normal warning for a dozen other things and can be missed. I dont have a DRL selection available but regardless I prefer the sidelights as the rears also come on at this time.

It "should" be possible to code these lights to act the way some other cars do - see below - but my list of lighting function codes is in German and runs four pages so I'm not confident to get the right setting, this is using E-sys. So far I havent left them on long enough to flatten the 12v battery, 5 yrs old now so I might be pushing my luck.

If I select the headlights, both parking and headlights will shut off when stopping the car. My i3 is ex Japan and the lighting switch is slightly different to some others.

Work car is a Hyundai and if either park lights or headlights are selected they will shut off when leaving the car. The manual describes a complicated method of getting the park lights to stay on if you really want them for that pupose.....this would suit me better for the i3 too.

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