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Door handle missing part?

Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:51 am

Saw a video on tightening the BMW i3 door handle after seeing what looked like too much extension of the door handle. There is a plastic bit at the end of the door handle that can extend beyond the hold which is a small square that's quite a bit larger than the actual protruding plastic part. I dropped off my car today and got an X2 as a loaner. Looking a the handle, it's a similar design but

1: The plastic part at the end of the door handle doesn't come out as far
2: It appears that at the hole end, where the door handle extends from the door, it has a black plastic surround with a much tighter tolerance. Meaning it wouldn't allow you to wiggle the door handle as much when it's in the open position.

The car I saw on youtube looked just like mine, not additional "bumper" part around the hole.

Anyone else notice this able the door handle?


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