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i3S and Tire rack snow tires/Riall wheels

Thu Jul 01, 2021 12:46 pm

A recent posting here claimed that i3S owners who bought Tire Rack Riall wheels and snow tires would need 25mm spacers front and rear to use these wheels safely. Tire Rack claims not and they were right. The poster was misinformed. I have just got back from Mr Tire with my 2019 i3S and tested a wheel/snow combo on the front and rear of my car. There is ample clearance even at full rack in the front and ditto the rear. There is also ample clearance to the brake disk parts. This with wheels raised above the lift and then sitting down on the lift. I have, of course, not driven the car with the four Riall wheels on it, it but this preliminary test would suggest that spacers are not needed for the i3S.

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Re: i3S and Tire rack snow tires/Riall wheels

Fri Jul 02, 2021 9:14 pm

Just adding that you are correct. I purchased a complete Wheel/Tire package from TireRack with the Silver Rial 19x5 wheels and 175/60R-19 Ecopia EP600 tires on all so I can rotate. I have run with no spacers and also tried 15mm on the rears for better handling. No issues at all with brake components. As far as I know, the geometry of an i3 vs. i3s around the wheel hub/coil struct is the same.

If you look at either of the two items, you will see the review I posted May 28, 2021. There is still ample clearance with the 175's to the coils on the front. More clearance with the 155 Winter Blizzak's.
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Re: i3S and Tire rack snow tires/Riall wheels

Tue Sep 21, 2021 8:10 pm

Glad to know that spacers are not needed. I have the same model of wheels sitting in my garage. I will install them once the new tires that I ordered from 4wheelonline arrived.

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