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Removal of this module, help

Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:45 am


In China, every i3 have this model, the RTM (real time monitor, which commandlly installed by the goverment), we would like to take it off, but not sure what to do with the two plugs left. The RTM is installed near the air filter, just above the foot of the front passenger.

One guess is that we should plug the two together when removes the module,

the other is that it could be left alone cause the main cable connect to the board might be added for the module, which means it's totally useless?

Any one can help of this? THX! Shown
The video shows that I tried to take it out :) :)

(pics also shown in this thread): ... st24181457

the 3rd pic shows the module been taken off.

2nd shows one side, which i believe is just the power supply side

1st pic shows the plugs from the car, two cables to the plugs (in red), and one big cable goes into 2 cables, the big main cable came from somewhere deep.

My question is that do you have the main cable I show? or the two plugs which splite from the two cable, what should I do with the two plugs? leave them alone or plugs them to each other. (someone in local dealer told us, we should just plug them together)

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Re: Removal of this module, help

Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:04 am

Odds are that the two blue connectors in the third picture contain power and a CAN bus connection. This looks like a splice to add the RTM module into the cars communication bus and is probably why you were told to reconnect them together once removed.

This makes me curious what it looks like in my car, I'll have to take a look tonight.

I found this removal and installation guide but it did not link to a wiring diagram which would have let us confirm which signals are on the wires. ... 1VnZESgXEX

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Re: Removal of this module, help

Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:13 am

I knew the Party did this, but didn’t know how. Thanks for sharing! So how does this work? Slurps data off the CAN bus and sends it back via the GSM modem? Why do you need to connect the module back into itself? Do removing the module disable the car?

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