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Re: Wood Dash Panels

Fri Nov 27, 2020 11:06 am

I have also just substituted the GREY Plastic Dash with with the Light Eucalyptus wood - an accessory I have wanted for a long time . It certainly adds to the open relaxed atmosphere that makes driving the i3 so enjoyable as I spend quite a bit of time in my mobile "living room".

The part cost a hefty sum but I did find one online dealer that offered a small discount.
It still came to 550 euros .

Following the instructions from a Post on this forum and a Youtube video ( copy below) I managed to do it in a little under 2 hours .

I also purchased the necessary set of Plastic Pry tools ... and yes the middle console Panel is difficult and if not set in properly the glove compartment will not shut properly. If you have doubts .. Spend some extra money and have the experts at BMW do it because the thin layer of wood can be easily damaged . ( I myself chipped an edge)

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