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Location and wiring diagram of the door lock "beep" acoustical device.

Wed May 01, 2019 8:51 am

Hey all. I'm trying to find a wiring diagram for the little notice maker that makes a "beep" sound when you lock the doors. Excuse me, I don't know the name of this device.

What I want to do is figure out if it's a simple 12V piezo speaker, or something else. If it's a simple 12V piezo, I'd like to tap that with 12V to a switch on the inside of the car as a way to politely "beep" at pedestrians to let them know I'm sneaking up behind them in my 3000lb ninja mobile. I don't really want to horn blast anyone, but just a little "beep", and since the car already has the noise maker on-board, I'd like to use that if possible. Else, I'll do something else.


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Re: Location and wiring diagram of the door lock "beep" acoustical device.

Tue May 14, 2019 12:45 pm

I was looking over some of the documentation online and it appears that the door lock beep is actually accomplished by using the i3 alarm horn (fanfare). It is installed just behind the front wheel on the driver side (LHD).


However it appears that this horn has an integrated battery and tilt sensor so the BDU controls it using the CAN bus. It might be possible to disassemble the horn and wire up a separate power line in parallel with whatever micro-controller it has on-board.

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A while back I had heard about someone putting a wireless doorbell chime in the front of their car so they could use it as a chime to warn pedestrians. Here is a battery powered example from Honeywell.


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