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Re: OE Reverse Camera (Option 3AG) seems easy to retrofit?

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 4:37 pm
by airman2482
Did anybody make any progress on installing option “3AG“ (rear camera) ?

I have a 2017 i3 and would also like to install a back up camera.

What I found so far is BMW part number 61 11 9 349 361 “rear replacement cable, rear view“.

This appears to be a cable for people who had the rear bumper destroyed I presume.

There’s also another part the camera support bracket, which is part number 51 12 7 305 103 “counter support read“.

…anyone have any luck on this?

The only problem I find with this “rear replacement cable, rear view” is it may only be spliced into an existing cable…

that’s all I know…

- anybody know anything about this?