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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Wed Jan 01, 2020 1:49 am

Diesels have had their day. If you think the depreciation on a i3 REx is bad, buy a new Euro 6 compliant car and watch its residual value plummet.

You can't compare the i3 to other cars you've had. In some ways it's a compromise. It will never have the handling of a turbo diesel. I used to run an A4 Quattro Avant V6. Only 150bhp, but that was the sweetest engine I've driven. I also run an Audi Allroad as I haul a trailer, but it's Euro 5, so no Adblue. I also have a full copy of VCDS, and I'm at the limit of my knowledge with sensors, so something to be aware of.

My wife runs her i3 REx as her daily runner. She swapped from an A2 TDI that I'd maintained for years. It was a quirky car, aluminium chassis, very frugal running costs, no rear wash wipe due to rear spoiler, and the entire bonnet needed to be removed to service it.

My wife has the older genereration (15 plate i3 REx) and loves it. I bought a full set of winter wheels and tyres. They'll stay on until the end of April. Also purchased a type 2 charger lead as more shopping centres are introducing charging points and wide parking bays. She does a 50 mile commute, so enough charge from home to work. As soon as she's home it goes back on charge, we have a wall charger.

Running costs. It came with what remained of BMW's 3 year warranty. In the year it was under warranty, all that went wrong was a fuel pressure sensor fault, and front suspension gaiters were replaced (torn).

I now service it. Oil change every year including filter, air and pollen filters, lube hinges. Pollen filter is a pain to fit. Brake fluid every 2 years. Air con recharge again every 2 years. Brakes, periodic check. The pads should outlive the car!

Stick with it is my advice.
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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:56 am

xrayman wrote:
Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:54 pm
. . .
Any comments welcome. (Thought I'd create a new thread)
We have two cars:
  • 2014 BMW i3-REx, 42,211 mi, bought May 26, 2016 ($2.90/100 miles)
  • 2019 Std. Rng. Plus Model 3, 16,837 mi, bought March 27, 2019 ($2.50/100 miles)
If your requirements are met by a diesel, go with God. I'm sure the next owner of your BMW i3-REx will appreciate it. Please let them know we're here to help them maximize their return on investment.

In our case, both cars:
  • maximum acceleration all the time - unlike the 100s of moving parts in a diesel or gas engine, the 3 moving parts of any EV are not worn out by maximum acceleration.
  • 1/2 the cost of a Prius per mile, 1/4th the cost of a diesel - retired, cheap miles allow us to drive where ever we want and not choose between a cheap McDonalds burger and tank of gas or a Whopper meal and 1/3d free charging.
  • short coupled steering - when I think that I want to be there in traffic and suddenly I am.
If you prefer a slow, stinky, noisy, expensive to operate, and maintain diesel that meets your requirements ... go with my blessing. You have too much money and need time apart.

Bob Wilson
20k/27k mi 2014 BMW i3-REx
10k/10k mi 2017 Prius Prime

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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:13 pm

xrayman wrote:
Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:54 pm
Well it's been a few weeks, and mixed feelings about the car. But overall negative. Doesn't quite feel as 'solid' as my previous 3 litre diesel, nor is the build quality up to scratch. Don't like the harsh ride and vibration/shudder over potholes and the silent drive from starting.

Also hate the fact that I'm constantly looking at the range/% and it's making me obsessed with hypermiling. Also the front windscreen always gets fogged up!! Also quite put off by the fact that we are almost forced into buying an extended warranty due to the potential astronomic repair costs ... And these do tend to go wrong.. any potential fuel savings may not be significant after all.

I do like the fact that I can charge it at work free and don't have to visit petrol stations much. I miss the torque and acceleration of my previous car however.
So few pros and more cons.

No faults yet. But let's see.

I'm seriously considering going back to ICE, probably BMW diesel. I will of course wait until the year is up so I don't get hit too hard with the depreciation.

Not quite sure what to go for, but probably a 320d (can get up to 60 mpg). Don't think EVs are for me.. although it's early days and I'm keeping an open mind.

Any comments welcome. (Thought I'd create a new thread)


I've been driving EVs for over 5 years now. I've driven more miles since I've been driving EV than any other car I've ever owned. The fact that I don't need to go to a fuel station anymore is...that alone...worth any issue I have with an EV...which has been none.

Unless you absolutely have no choice but to drive a regular car, I think it's sheer madness to burn fuel today to drive around. There is no logical reason for it anymore other than you absolutely have no choice because humans aren't capable of going somewhere else without it.

I do 99.99% of my driving with EVs now. That weekend or week long trip that I have to go elsewhere that my EV wont' take me....then yeah...I fly, I drive a regular car. But the rest of the time...WHY??

Driving an ICE today and making the argument that one needs the range is akin to me saying I'll walk around with a backpack that has 10 gallons of water "just in case" I get lost or have to go hiking one day. The rest of the time I'm carrying it around for no reason.

The marketing teams and psychologists that corporations have hired to push their products and agendas has worked like a charm on the general public. EV myths and negative press are shining examples of this.

Plus this extra cost argument. It's funny....we are willing to pay more for just about anything that is, clothing, holidays, etc...but when it comes to cars and better tech...suddenly extra costs are taboo. I'm OK with paying a premium for better tech, clean tech, something that I can get behind and know it's a positive for the environment.

What is missing in the cost equation is the HUGE amounts of money we are forced to spend to prop up the fossil fuel industries, the war industry, the military, and lining the pockets of corrupt politicians who support these entities. Knowing my energy comes from local sources and not supporting goons in the military and intelligence agencies is a huge contributing factor for my decisions to go electric and be environmentally conscious. I want my future and my kids future to be a positive one..not one filled with conflict. I know...this is going deeper than this thread probably should go but it's all tied together. I just want people to understand the underlying reasons for choosing an EV for me....besides the fact that they a hoot to drive.

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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Wed Feb 19, 2020 11:33 am

Well said!
2015 REX / Participating on plugshare w/level 2 Clipper Creek 32 amp, Moclips, Washington coast

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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Thu Apr 23, 2020 2:15 pm

I was a lot of really good points here....

The original post leaves me confused though. First lack of torque??? I love the quick off the line speed of this car. Second these are very low maintenance/error vehicles; no vehicle is free of problems, but it is simple math less parts=less chance of problems. your range anxiety confuses me more than anything else. do you drive more than 100 miles a day? because that is the range of this car WITHOUT the Rex which adds at LEAST 60 more miles and can be refilled with gas if you really can't get to a charger. I am new to EV ownership, but have already killed my range anxiety. My car was delivered to my location (San Diego) from Long Beach. The battery was near empty and it was running with the Rex. I drove it around that night almost entirely on the Rex. By the next day I had gotten a 60% charge and that is the lowest it has gotten in a month.

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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:25 am

I'll go even further to debunk another myth. I live in an apartment and have no way to charge at home, yet owning a 2017 REx works for me. I can Level-2 charge at work (for free). I can Level-2 charge a block away from my apartment, at a public charger (for $50/year, flat-rate!). I lucked out by living a short walk from a public charger, but I could have chosen an apartment complex that provides EVSE spots to residents, which would have been even better. I only use the REx engine when I take a road trip, which is maybe 5 or 6 times a year. (I'm glad it's there, because renting a car every couple months would be a real pain.)

Let me offer a little perspective, though, since I can sense that most people here are coming from an upper-middle-class income level. My apartment complex has residents of many different backgrounds. Some of them drive recent model cars, like me, and they could switch to an EV, like I did. Many of them, however, can only spend about $5000 on a car, in a good year. Would you buy a $5000 used electric car? It would be an old Nissan Leaf with a shot battery, most likely. OTOH, you can buy an older Corolla or Civic that will get you to work just fine for that price, no problem. For many, many people, any kind of decent, reliable, EV is beyond their means and probably will be for a while to come.

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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Sat Apr 25, 2020 9:34 am

For many, many people, any kind of decent, reliable, EV is beyond their means and probably will be for a while to come.
You can pick up a 2nd hand Fiat 500e with low miles on the clock for around $6,500.
Mark H.
2015 i3 Rex, Capparis White, Tera World, Technology & Driving Assistant, Parking Assistant, Harman Kardon Audio System, 19 inch 427 wheels, EVoInnovate EVSE

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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Sat Apr 25, 2020 2:07 pm

Across the intersection, an i3 will beat most vehicles out there, but because it does it with so little drama, no noise, no squealing tires, etc., many people figure it can't be all that fast. Now, while it's no slouch as you go faster, lots of other vehicles will beat it to say 60. To some, they feel it just can't be fast because it doesn't have the accompanying engine winding up and howling. TO me, I like it quiet, especially at cruise. To each their own.

FWIW, the REx IS slower than the BEV since it has to carry around an extra 300+ pounds.
Jim DeBruycker
2014 i3 BEV, 2021 X5 45e
(The i3 will be sold soon, <17K-miles, interested?)

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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:07 pm

MKH wrote:
Sat Apr 25, 2020 9:34 am
You can pick up a 2nd hand Fiat 500e with low miles on the clock for around $6,500.
I know that Fiats are considered some of the least reliable cars on the road, but if you remove the Fiat powertrain and replace it with a Bosch powertrain, it might actually make a semi-reliable car, I guess. A quick scan of 500e forums seems to indicate that they're not a complete disaster to own, at least. Of course, if there was a high demand for used 500e's, they would shoot up in price on the used market, and they would no longer be affordable. They are are fairly rare cars which are low in price due to extremely low demand.

I'm not suggesting that the current used EV market is a permanent situation, though. Ten years from now, there will be a much larger supply of quality used EVs available, of course. I'm just talking about how things are right now.

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Re: Fed up with my 94ah REX - 6 weeks!!

Sat Apr 25, 2020 8:01 pm

jadnashuanh wrote:
Sat Apr 25, 2020 2:07 pm
FWIW, the REx IS slower than the BEV since it has to carry around an extra 300+ pounds.
Oh, definitely it is! It's like driving around the BEV version with a rather portly passenger at all times. I knew that before I bought an i3 and I got a REx anyway. In fact, it was an essential feature for me. Why? Because the i3 is my only car, that's why! Every couple months I go on a road trip through rural areas of Texas that have no charging infrastructure. There are vast swathes of the landscape which are a long way away from Interstate highways and DC fast chargers. Folks on the coasts tend to forget that the middle of the country is very EMPTY. Yeah, we've got lots of cities, but they are separated by vast distances and the shortest path between two places is not always an interstate highway. I love being able to get off the interstates and know that I can fill up at any rural gas station when I have to.

Anyway, despite what car enthusiasts seem to think, very few people choose cars based on their acceleration stats. I've never cared that much. Before my i3, I owned a Honda HR-V (not a fast car, but a very practical one) so my REx has more than enough power for me. I really don't need the extra performance (and slightly more electric range) of the BEV, but I can see how some people might feel differently.

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