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Specific BMW approved coolant fluids for REX

Thu Dec 10, 2020 12:08 pm

I had my 2015 REX serviced yesterday and the report identified coolant levels. So I need to top off the fluids. Does someone have the specific approved BMW fluid IDs for the 1- REX engine and the two reservoirs in the frunk, one for the drive battery coolant and the other for the cabin temperature control unit? The manual is silent on these and no access any longer to the BMW maintenance site. Thanks.

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Re: Specific BMW approved coolant fluids for REX

Tue Dec 15, 2020 12:49 am

I posted somewhere on this site the details and sources of BMW specs:
In summary from my handwritten notes;

REX oil 5W30 SJ spec eg. Castrol Edge 2.6 litres
REX coolant = BMW G48 spec = blue, nitrite & amine free = mixable or replaceable with:
Electric machine coolant = G48 Castrol Radiocool NF or BMW Antifreeze 82192 211913 or BMW HT12 Green or Magenta

Heater circuit = only "i3 coolant" not mixable with any other type - BMW 83512355296 (blue, silica free, previously green)

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