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Re: Rex Range seems unusually high

Wed Mar 20, 2019 10:20 am

CharonPDX wrote:REx is purely adding energy to the battery pack, the little gas engine is no more or less efficient based on your driving style, unlike basically every other hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Your efficiency "city" versus "highway" is based on the electric motor. As far as the car is concerned, the REx is more akin to having a second tank of gas in a gasoline car. Your "efficiency" city vs highway has nothing to do with your second tank of gas, it's inherent to the car itself.

You are talking about the supply side only and i said the same with supply side .
The reason the hybrid cars have lower boost of highway economy , compared to city boost numbers is not the supply side, but the consumption side - mainly wind resistance.
Assuming what i and you are saying is true, the supply side is constant, the highway numbers will be less due to Resistance

on the other hand, for city ,Hybrids do much better in city , due to better supply side and regeneration also helps.

SO end result is much better numbers on city compared to highway , as compared to gas cars.
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