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Heat Pump Sensors Fault

Thu May 28, 2020 8:03 am

Well, this is a new one that I had not heard of before from people...

I had not really driven my i3 much over the winter, but when I did, I noticed that the efficiency wasn't what I'd seen in previous winters. The car got warm, but it didn't seem to do it quite as well as it used to. I think it ended up using the backup resistance heaters more than it normally would have. Then on our first really hot day of the spring, I noticed that the a/c just wasn't cooling really well. The car was making cool air, but not 'cold', and, didn't really do a good job unless I selected MAX A/C. So, I took it in to be checked.

The charge was fine, but the computer was reporting failed temperature sensors in the system. It would have been nice if the computer would have told me about it as it did know about the issue. After about $300 in parts and $500 in labor, I'm about to pick it back up, and hopefully, that's the last time I need to think about this. The tech said the compressor was fine as was the charge level, but the sensors were not giving proper inputs to the system. It will be interesting to see if that improves the efficiency, but I may not have it through the next winter. Since I had not used it all that much or driven it far at any one time, the cooling to the batteries shouldn't have been an issue, but might have become one now that we've seen some days into the 90's.
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