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Re: All the Malfunctions...

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:28 am
by BL5
Tangocash- Glad this worked out. Ironically when checking ConnectedDrive yesterday I noticed a charging error & a brake failure error on my 2015 REx. The car has been parked for a couple weeks in the garage (plugged in), fortunately it’s unlocked. Remember there is a manual key on the fob you can use if fob is unresponsive.

Opened drivers door, same error messages on the screen. Car came unresponsive to anything, screen is blank, no interior lights. All things point to 12V. Mainly thanks to the VERY helpful people on this board.

The good news is about 3 weeks ago I ordered a Remy battery, knowing the time would eventually come. I’ll be installing later today. My car is still under CPO, but there’s conflicting reports on CPO covering the 12V. I not even going to waste my time with BMW.

Question- Is there a manual release for the hood? As the car is unresponsive.

AlohArt- I’ve got BimmerCode, I’m 99% certain it won’t code the replacement. I’ll pay for BimmerLink

Re: All the Malfunctions...

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:59 am
by alohart
BL5 wrote:
Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:28 am
Question- Is there a manual release for the hood? As the car is unresponsive.
According to the Owner's Manual, there's a mechanical release accessible from the driver's door jam.

Re: All the Malfunctions...

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:30 pm
by BL5
Found the manual hood pull, it’s right next to electric hood release.

Put in my new Remy AUX18L battery today. Made sure it was fully charged on trickle charger.

After getting the battery installed and everything reconnected, I went to fire up the car. Got a message of “unable to charge” on drivers screen. Plugged into 240, light flashed yellow for a few mins.. then went red followed by same error on dash.

Any ideas? People have mentioned plugging car in overnight. I will do this, but doesn’t appear to be charging.

Re: All the Malfunctions...

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:08 am
by MKH
If you have BimmerLink, use it to view any error codes, and then clear them, Someone in the FaceBook i3 group had similar happen when he changed out his dead i3 12v battery. Repeatedly clearing error codes (sometimes three or four times when they reappeared) and eventually the car returned to normal - because of that, or just time plugged in allowing the ECMs to reset, who knows.

Re: All the Malfunctions...

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:42 am
by SwissDI3
Did you try to disconnect and then re-connect the HV system?
This could also trigger a reset of the ECU's! ... 1VnXXU4nRR

Re: All the Malfunctions...

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 9:30 am
by BL5
Thanks MKH & SwissDI3. I also read leaving it plugged in might help get everything reset. Finally the BookFace is useful for something! I have another car, so this issue doesn't kill all my transportation.

I left it unplugged last night as I was away from home. Got it plugged in again now this AM, I'll keep it plugged in and clear codes with BimmerLink. If that doesn't solve the problem, I'll probably pull the replacement 12V out, and put a trickle charge on it and start over.

Reading the document on resetting HV system it call for these four steps.
Stick to the procedure absolutely.

1. Disconnect any connected charging cables.
2. Open engine compartment lid
3. Switch off the ignition
4. Before disconnecting the high-voltage safety connector, ensure that the vehicle is in "sleep" state.
To put car in "sleep" state, I read one way to accomplish this was to open rear gate for 30 mins and keep key out range. This way comfort access won't take car out of "sleep" state. What should I be looking for to ensure vehicle is in sleep state?

Re: All the Malfunctions...

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:14 am
by SwissDI3
To make sure the car is in sleep state (and stays there), you have to:

- open the frunk (that is where the HV safety connector is, but this will also wake up the car)
- wait until it goes back to sleep
- but how do you know it has gone back to sleep?

The German Manual states to wait at least 2 minutes and there is a number of small lights (lighting switch, emergency flasher button, etc.) that will go off in the cabin after this time (if the car doors are closed and locked).

But I guess opening the trunk and waiting for the trunk compartment light (on the right side) to go out is a good indicator of "sleep state" as well.
I think this may take up to 30 min however.

Re: All the Malfunctions...

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:57 am
by BL5
Thanks SwissDI3, still don't have this resolved. Although hoping I'm making progress, on day 2 of battery replacement,

Short re-cap

Day 1
-Trickle charged replacement REMY 12V for a 2-3 hours, probably not for long enough. Although my BMW 1.25A trickle charger had a solid green light, indicating 100% charge
-Installed per standard procedures. Disconnect HV, remove old battery, install, reconnect HV.
-Tons of error messages on dash, would not take charge from EVSE. Car blinked yellow, then flashed red. Car won't go out of park, or start.
-Cleared error messages via BimmerLink, car went dead. No lights, no screens, acted like 12V was dead. I have read this is common
-Plugged EVSE in (replacement 12V still in car). EVSE indicated power going to car, car was dead, no interior lights, no dash. Left EVSE connected for 4hr
-Unplugged EVSE, removed replacement 12V REMY. Put REMY 12V on 1.25A BMW trickle charger (about 3:00PM) for overnight charge.

Day 2
-11:00AM 12V Replacement REMY charging for aprox 20hrs on trickle, which indicated a flashing green light. Which means at least 80% charge
-3:00PM 12V Replacement Remy still charging, flashing green (means 80%+ charge). Remy has been on trickle for 24hrs
-6:00PM 12V has same state, so let's give it another go with install
-Plugged car into EVSE. Light flashes yellow on i3, does not go red (good sign), stays flashing yellow, won’t go blue.
-Inside vehicle, tons of error messages on dash (no surprise), 1st thing registered 12V with BimmerLink, cleared codes one by one. Re-scan, 3-4 modules with low voltage errors, clear them... repeat, does not clear codes
-Messing with remote, I lock car... I hear click from EVSE, i3 starts flashing BLUE! Could this be it? Car HV SOC 74%
-Let car sit on EVSE for hour, I'm impatient.. Let's take her for a spin!! All appears well on my panda i3.

Appears my 36 hour mission is complete.

What's interesting is the trickle charger (on day 2) is warm, I don't recall any heat coming out of it yesterday when I did no initial charge. Was my trickle charger lying to me? This time the 12V SHOULD be charging. I also read where removing 30A fuses can reboot some systems. I'm going to make sure this repl. battery is fully charged before I do anything. Is it normal to trickle charge for 24+ hours?

Hmmmmmm, all this hassle.. now maybe this is why BMW charges $500-$700 bucks to do a battery! LOL