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Re: Anyone had success ordering the 10.25" screen from Ali Express (or anywhere) recently?

Fri Jan 15, 2021 11:15 am

Be careful price shopping on AliExpress. Always look at the shipping cost *and* the shipping type. The “china post” type options can take anywhere from three to sometimes TEN weeks. I ordered mine for only a few bucks more than the cheaper options with a FedEx delivery option that took like 7 days not long ago and it showed up and I installed it successfully yesterday. Scared myself at first because for some reason BimmerCode didn’t find my HeadUnit when it scanned for available devices to talk to (found all the others), and I had to disconnect and reconnect and it found it the second time. I also had to pop my glovebox out because I have an MMI tucked in there and you have to change the MMI jumpers for the updated screen, too, so don’t forget that if you have one.


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