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Re: Maximum range indicator

Mon Feb 22, 2021 10:23 am

eNate wrote:
Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:58 pm
Since you're on #2 I'm sure you've already heard the routine, the range estimate is based on the last 18 miles of driven, battery temp & ambient temp, but may be modified if you enter a destination in nav. If you've been driving a number of relatively short trips on a non pre-conditioned battery, that will result in lower miles per kWh, which will negatively reflect in the displayed range estimate.

Contrast this to the Polestar 2 my wife has been considering. At 100% SOC, the display indicates a very unrealistic 230 miles range, always, every time, no adjustments for cold temperatures, lack of preconditioning, or planned drive. Frustrated owners are complaining that they are seeing far less than this, some as low as 130 miles range on a full charge (though most are in the 170 to 200 camp in winter weather).

So I think your i3 is trying to be realistic as best it can. You may want to check battery capacity in your hidden menu because, although it's not necessarily a 100% accurate reflection of your battery health, it may give some insight as to why your car is lowballing its available range.
Thanks eNate. I guess I would take my i3 battery's behaviour over the Polestar's always 230 miles range. That would be very frustrating.

I have never used the Nav in the car, have not even tried it. But I have done a few short-ish trips with no this might be it!
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