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Re: Touchscreen

Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:23 pm

TheMK wrote:
websterize wrote:.

I think you'll really like the iDrive 6.0 UI/UX in your 2019.
I wish their was an easy way to upgrade my 2014. I know someone could probably do a control unit swap, but that would get expensive in a hurry.
Yeah, it's a significant upgrade, requiring new hardware. Indeed, it would get expensive to swap in a 2014.

The overall processing of everything is much faster in 6.0. Route guidance, voice commands, UX, it all feels quicker than in my 2015. The map labels are easier to read from the higher resolution screen, but the map colors are worse. The best part of 6.0 is its support of Apple's terrific CarPlay. Connectivity to an iPhone and its all its musce is much improved over 2015, and you could probably argue even seamless. And the iDrive's live tiles are a smart update. On the main screen, have configured the three I use most: Music | Map | Vehicle info detailed. Each tile's information changes dynamically on-the-go, and it's all on one screen. As a result, have found I don't use the iDrive controller between the seats as much.

You should get a 2019. :D

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