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Narrowing down best choice by VIN #

Tue Mar 23, 2021 9:47 pm

I've done some reading on unlocking features with the Bimmercode app, but it doesn't offer any advice on what VIN would have the most available features to unlock and what those are: https://www.bimmercode.app/cars/i3/

Anyone have a FAQ or basic advice? I believe they all can do the basic folding mirrors on doorlock and unlock the full gas tank and hold mode at 75% charge, but beyond that I'm confused about advanced features like a poor man's autopilot hack and adding android auto functionality and the like.

Right now for example I found a 2017 in Texas I'm interested in that has the larger screen, with technology, driving assistance, and parking assist packages, so I think that means I can unlock all there is to unlock but wanted to make sure if there is some kind of tool I can plug the VIN into.

Edit: Actually, searching youtube for tutorials for a 2017 it may not be that great a feature. I tried it on a 2020 Kia, and worked great, but the i3 seems to be waffling in its lane quite a lot, kind of like kids bowling with gutter guards, hmmm... may not be worth the effort so should just stick to unlocking the basics and adding an android auto module. Seems like BMW only used a single camera, instead of camera + radar like others or dual camera like Subaru to give it depth perception.


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