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Re: Compete or Else...

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:28 pm
by MKH
What this means is there is no follow-up to the BMW i3-REx. It has become a fun but ultimately a dead-end ... dang it!
Originally there was rumors that 2020 would be the last model year for all the i3s, but BMW has since announced that in 2021 they will have:
- BMW i3,
- Mini BEV,
- BMW iX3 (electirc X3)
- BMW i4 (electric Sports Sedan - Tesla Model 3 competition)
- BMW iNext (electric SAV sports activity vehicle)

Re: Compete or Else...

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:54 am
by frictioncircle
Five years into BEV ownership I remain highly impressed with what BMW achieved with the i3.

The i3 was ahead of the market in 2014 (and in many ways it is, still). Understandable that BMW would take a breather and regroup.

As a very happy owner I want the model to continue. BMW AG's "on-again-off-again" stance has provided quite the rollercoaster ride over the years. I remember reading articles in 2017 that stated BMW was going to drop the i3 AND all the CFRP tech that they developed.

Aluminum + CFRP construction was the primary attraction to the i3. Mass market loves horsepower but I'd rather have more lightness. The opportunity to daily drive an RWD car weighing 2,880 lbs. (thanks local truck scale!) is a daily pleasure that I never tire of.

As MKH posts below about a 2021 i3, I've heard similar, that BMW will keep the i3 in the lineup which does make me happy. I love the compact form factor plus massive interior space, the suicide doors, and the overall oddness of the design. It still feels like driving the future!

p.s. bwilson4web... try a search for images of the iNext concept that was shown in late 2018. If you find pictures of one with the doors open you can see that the framing is still carbon-fiber, but it looks to be forged composite. This is not the same as the CRFP that our i3s are made of, but it is encouraging that composites still seem to have a place in future i cars.