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Re: i3 purchase 94rex or 120 bev

Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:15 pm

sipabit wrote:I don't think we can answer your question for you. It's really based on your need. There will be a lot less maintenance without the REX. I don't know the weight difference between the higher battery capacity vs the lower one with a REX, but I have a feeling the larger battery would still be heavier. Performance will drop a bit, but I don't know if that would matter to you at all.

You should have a pretty good reason to buy new. The EV scene is situated now where buying used is really the way to go or lease. Buying new just makes you the guy that the rest of us will buy from when we're ready for an upgrade and you'll take a big hit on it. The resale value on the i3 is horrible, possibly the worst which is what makes it such a great opportunity for those buying them used. That's a different topic, but I would feel bad for you if I didn't at least note it in my response. Each to his own.
Man... I would almost say the opposite. Theres a 7500$ tax credit in the states, and lots and lots of dealer incentives, you'll get the full warranty, the newest tech and batteries, it can be what you choose, it looks like a well loved i3 stripper can be had for 14000 here, and a new fully loaded might be 42k if you use USAA and shop around on dealers, after another 7500, 120 ah vs 60 ah, matured safety tech. Used is a good value too, just saying new isn't "the sucker choice" by any means.

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