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Re: REx Distance

I agree with eXodus....ceramic tint the i3. I am on i3 number two and without tinting, the i3 is unbearable in the sun & heat! The difference when I tinted all side, rear and moonroof windows with high quality ceramic tinting made beyond a huge difference, and it makes the HVAC run so much more efficiently!

If you can get a 2017-2020 i3 Rex, I think the car can suit your needs perfectly! I live in an area of So. California that routinely sees months of 100-115F, and even when I have to drive on Rex, the A/C works perfectly and I easily do 75mph up somewhat steep freeway (highway) grades. In my 2019 i3S and now 2020 i3S, I have never noticed running on Rex feels slower or less powerful than when Rex is off (you will just hear the Rex when it is kicked on high gear; It sounds kind of like a lawnmower meets an old Porsche, LOL.
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Re: REx Distance

You'll get several advance warnings if your SOC gets low prior to the system starting to shut down functions to try to preserve power. The time you'll notice you can't keep charging up a long grade will be as the SOC gets into the low single digits. On the flat, the vehicle can hold charge up to about 75-mph, but the REx can't keep up if you throw in a grade, you've got the a/c or heat roaring, maybe the lights fully on, etc. The REx will only try to bring the charge up to either 6%, or the point where you manually activated it (requires coding in the USA). It will not try to raise the charge about 6% unless it was already higher, and you manually turned it on. WHen you shut the vehicle off, the SOC that it currently holds becomes the new maximum the REx will try to hold, so it won't recover more than to 6% on its own.
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