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J adaptors to Tesla chargers

Does anyone have an recommendations for the J adaptors to fit a Tesla Destination charger. such as Lectron? Has anyone used these at a Tesla charging facility? Any thoughts would be most appreciated as far as widening the number of places one can charge a 2019 i3 with 32 amp and DC capability. Thanks
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Re: J adaptors to Tesla chargers

One thing to consider on something like this is that the Tesla wall units apparently have a setting that can turn on/off "sharing" with unauthorized cars (and only Teslas can authorize correctly):

So, even with a fully functioning J adaptor, your success may depend on the proprietor's configuration, whether they set it up that way intentionally or not. That would give me pause on relying on one in a pinch. A working adaptor definitely expands your charging options, but maybe not by as much as it would seem.

At $150, maybe the Lectron is a 'nice to have' tool to expand a few charge options. They used to be something like $400 which is pretty crazy.
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Re: J adaptors to Tesla chargers

I bought a Tesla Tap. Nicely made. I tried it out at a Tesla Destination Charger and it worked great. You have to put the adaptor on the Tesla plug and wait for it to be recognized before plugging it into your car. I also carry a 24amp Clipper Creek EVSE with a NEMA 14-50 plug for camp sites. Nice to have a few charging options.
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