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Why I can not the default Driving mode for my new X3

Hi All,
I just get my brand new x3.
I found there are few driving mode buttons next to the gear.
When I chose ECO PRO, the display screen color will change to blue.
But every time when I start my car it will back to COM mode. I need manually change it back to ECO PRO.

I tried, change the driving mode from car menu under my profile. But i am not sure what happen, (the display screen did not change to blue when i start the car with my profile)

So I want to check, does any way to change the default driving mode with profile?

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Re: Why I can not the default Driving mode for my new X3

You've posted in a BMW i3 forum, not a BMW X3 forum. Please post in the correct forum where you'd almost certainly get much more help.

For what it's worth, an i3 defaults to Comfort mode and will start in that mode regardless of the driving mode when last shut down. In an i3, the default driving mode can be changed by changing the value of a parameter that controls the default driving mode. To make this change, a smartphone app used with an OBD to WiFi or Bluetooth or BMW's proprietary eSys desktop software used with an interface cable must be used. I don't know whether such a change is supported in the X3 iDrive version.
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