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Miles per top-up

Well, I am now virtually 12 months into ownership of my 2021 i3 (not i3s).
I know this has been covered a lot, but I am currently getting above expectation range figures.
Is this going to reduce dramatically over the years?
I drive approx 4K miles per annum in my i3, mixed driving/town driving.
I don't use 'ECO' or 'ECO+' at all - in fact I haven't even tried them.
I always get the expected range but this week it's been up around 200 miles and more (today it's 205 miles).
Yes, I am a careful driver but hit the loud pedal when merging onto faster roads.
I have the A/C on all the time and it's summer in the UK so don't use the heater at all of course.

So, I think we can agree I should be pleased.
I am.
I actually love this car and for the first time for decades, I actually intend to keep the car for longer than my normal 24 months. I can even see it being a 'keeper'.
So, the question.
How much is the battery going to deteriorate if I decide to keep the car for 10 years?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: Miles per top-up

Your milage is much better than that of my 2019 i3S. Typically on a warm day--say 80 degrees outside--the car comes off the charger at 186miles. I never feel I can use the air on a long highway trip as I get an average drop of 10-15 miles per fill up with air. I use the 75 mph limiter always on highway and then switch to 56mph as soon as I am on 55 mph roads. So I think you have an above average example of the make. Good luck!

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