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rear screen wiper not going

bmwi3 2016 rex.55000km
The wiper of the after screen is not working suddenly.
The wiper motor is working normally after connection with 12? Not ub the interval position
It must be the fuse or the relais.
Which in the fusebox is the relais and the fuse. The symbol of the afterscreenwiper is empty on the paper in the fusebox.
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Re: rear screen wiper not going

After a fair amount of searching, I have found a link to the best description of the fuse box, etc. for my I3

You might try https://fuseandrelay.com/bmw/i3.html

Good luck!
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Re: rear screen wiper not going

I recently discovered the wiper won't work if the car thinks the trunk/hatch is open. There should be obvious signs if the car thinks the trunk is open but just figured I'd mention it.

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