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Help with error codes needed

Fellow I3ers-

I've had the CEL on for a while in my 2014 Rex. I've been checking the scans for error codes and a couple seem to be coming up consistently. One is P14FA (scanner says Fan 1 Error Stage 1) and the other is 21E725 (scanner says Electric fan self-diagnosis level 1: communication error). For one thing I'm not sure which fan this is referring to or what exactly the codes mean. Could it be the Rex cooling fan? I don't hear anything unusual and the Rex has recently done a maintenance cycle.

Is anyone familiar with these codes, what they mean and which fan they refer to? Haven't been able to find definitive information yet. Appreciate any clues about this and thanks to all.
Neil L.
2014 i3 Rex (original owner), Giga World, all the trimmings.

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