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Re: Is the maintenance plan worth $600?

EugenseM wrote: Sun Feb 01, 2426 9:04 pm Hey everyone,

I got a 2015 CPO i3 with 13k miles. However BMW no longer makes the ultimate care/maintenance plan automatically transferable to 2nd owners.

The dealership offered me to get the maintenance plan for an extra $600 so because the car was registered in April if 2016, I'd get the remaining 3 years of maintenance for that $600.

To clarify I am not talking about warranty. There I have the remainder of the factory warranty and the CPO warranty on top of that.

What kind of legal steroids are you using these days with maintenance is there for a newish i3? $600 is a lot to pay for an oil and filter change once a year and some wipers. Is it worth te money they want?

Any opinions are welcome.
I typically never do these but reconsidering. They were offering the scheduled maintenance plus “wearables” plan for about $600 for 36 months.

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