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Re: What Range do you get with real world conditions?

Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:39 am

Pavone wrote:ps
CO2 makes plants grow faster, CO2 doesn't have a considerable impact on climate, see Svensmark research for instance
Yes, CO2 makes plants grow faster.

However, no matter what you state, the fact is that almost no atmospheric scientists anywhere in the world agree with your statement that CO2 doesn't have a considerable impact on climate. You and others can cherry-pick data that purports to show the opposite, but the complexity of the climate is such that non-experts cannot possibly interpret climate data better than experts. There will always be a few climate scientists who deny human-caused climate change because they are biased, are paid by those who profit from the status quo, who believe that the free market will take care of all problems, etc., but until their views are supported by a huge body of credible evidence, no one should believe them.

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Re: What Range do you get with real world conditions?

Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:48 pm

I have a 2014 REX I have a weekend place 73 miles away. I bought my i3 last June and I made it to the lake with a few miles to spare. This year it seems I come up 2 miles short. Winter can drop that by 15%. I still love my car.

CO2 as a component of the atmosphere's greenhouse effect is straightforward chemistry first noted in the 1870's and ten years later another chemist theorized that additional CO2 from industry could cause temps to increase. Maybe we'll find ways to slow or even reverse climate change in the future but, I agree with alohart's well stated remarks. I don't understand why some consider the science as politically charged.

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Re: What Range do you get with real world conditions?

Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:17 pm

I have a 56 mile commute each way. However I also have a 3,250ft elevation difference to deal with. Going to work I go down hill so I generally only use about 30 miles of my available range (which is usually around 80 miles when I leave my house in the morning after a full charge). Going back home, I use every available bit of charge (also after a full charge at work). If I hypermile the car and take it easy going home I can get home without using the REX, but if I want to go with the flow of traffic (i.e. around 75 mph or more), then I have to use the REX to get home. Generally I use about 1/4 of a tank of gas each trip home. Ideally, I will get the newer i3 or i3s in a year or two with the larger 94 Ah battery. That should help overcome the elevation issues.
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Re: What Range do you get with real world conditions?

Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:10 am

MikeS wrote:Interesting that we seem to be settling at a 75 to 80 mile range - a bit off from BMW’s claim! I wonder what we shall see in winter?
Isn't the claim 72 miles for the smaller sized battery? 75-80 seems pretty good to me. I've seen my range start up anywhere from 77mi on Eco Pro to 103 on Eco Pro+. I haven't measured actual miles covered as a comparison, but should probably do that.

It's important to note that the estimated range will differ depending on what's entered into your GPS if anything b/c it will take into account the anticipated speed and topography.

Range will also differ depending on whether you've preconditioned the battery (not just the ventilation).

Another thing that will impact range is the temperature. In cold temperatures, there could be noticeably less range.
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Re: What Range do you get with real world conditions?

Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:59 pm

I've mentioned this before, but last week, I got in the car where the range said 69-miles. I drove 14-miles, and it said 72-miles when I got back. Different temperature, different driving (lower speeds, not as hot) caused it to readjust along the way. Just like with an ICE, driving stop and go in the city with the a/c cranked verses blasting down the freeway with 4-people up a grade, cruising through the countryside in a steady, slower speed all will make a huge difference in your mpg on your affects your range on your EV as well. I find the range to empty on my ICE to have similar characteristics based on exactly the same situations. It isn't as impacted by cold temperatures, but still is. Note, one of the reasons why cold is harder on any vehicle is that literally, the air is denser, so your drag goes up, but on an ICE, it also takes it longer to warm up to reach full efficiency. so, short trips when that must occur over and over again (like reheating the cabin on your EV) can make a difference.

Setting a destination with the nav system will give you a more accurate range estimate, but it will still be influenced by your previous driving history until that scrolls out of memory. The range is a moving average rather than an instantaneous readout so it doesn't bounce around like crazy, but that doesn't make it 'right'.
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