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Re: BEV E-Motor transmission/differential Oil - change?

How do you know that the exact gearbox fluid capacity is 500ml or 0.5 liters max?

Did you measure the drained fluid?

You see.... There is a lot of informaiton out there about the capacity in this e-drive transmissions.

Some say 1.5 liters others 1.0 liters and you say 0.5 liters

Who is right?

Is it possible that the capacity changed from the 60Ah versions to the 120Ah versions or the REX versions?

I am planning to change the gearbox oil myself. Thanks you for the tip of filling the new oil trough the breather vent on top of the gearbox.

I have the Facelift 2018 BMW i3 with the 94Ah battery and no REX.
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Re: BEV E-Motor transmission/differential Oil - change?

TurboPrius- Did you get a chance to change the transmission oil? Wondering how it went.
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Re: BEV E-Motor transmission/differential Oil - change?

Just found this. A little narration wouldn't have gone amiss! :D


With the drive shaft out, just wondering if there's any eccentric bolts for toe in or out adjustment?
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Re: BEV E-Motor transmission/differential Oil - change?

I'm looking into seeing if the dealer will do this for me...and how much. My E-tran is a little on the louder side than I like...almost sounds like sand paper at low speeds. That doesn't mean it's gone bad as I feel no issues with it. But if they can change the oil, great. I have almost 48k miles on my car.

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