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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade

AgentiMi wrote: Tue Feb 16, 2021 1:53 pm (This is a repost from the i3 Reddit page.)

I work for a stationary energy storage company and I need an excuse to develop i3 batteries.

I wanna know just how many of you would actually buy an upgraded battery.... they are pricy... almost as much as 2 used i3s.

Here's what you will get IF we make this product:

-10-year capacity warranty.

-Increased range.

-Increased power output of the pack for modified applications.

-Faster DC charging, from 40kW to 250kW peak.

-Battery condition on climatize.

-We'll offer installation and financing.

The modules are already developed for our large stationary storage systems (300kWh+) an example application is DCFC stations. We are playing with the idea to put these packs in classic cars and it hit me. Why not the i3? or any EV.

I've made a list of possible configurations below, please vote if you would actually buy one if it was offered.

Side note. You will also need different springs and dampers in some applications, good luck.


Cost values are for the battery pack only.

Range values are estimates in COMFORT mode driving.

kWh values indicate total usable energy and do NOT include battery buffer.

We are not asking for money. This is just to show you how much a battery pack will cost.

**** may require a different battery tray, adding to the cost.


Here are the possible configurations listed below.

~80 miles (129km) 19kWh $6K (50kW DCFC)

~120 miles (193km) 30kWh $9.8K (70kW DCFC)

~160 miles (257km) 40kWh $13K (100kW DCFC)

~260 miles (257km) 69kWh $21.3K (150kW DCFC)

****~320 miles (515km) 90kWh $24.5K (250kW DCFC)


I'm happy to answer questions!

We're also hiring for more engineering positions soon. Maryland and remote. I'll post about it.


Will we be able to sell our current battery pack for recycling (or home use), or and then get the new ones for the difference in price. If not can we get the battery packs (old) back so we can use them for home use.
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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade

096842z wrote: Fri Sep 03, 2021 6:45 amLyon came up with a battery package that would extend battery range to 400 miles, unfortunately BMW will not allow them to sell to the public.
BMW couldn't prevent a 3rd-party supplier from selling parts for the i3. Lyon built this battery pack to demonstrate its wireless battery cell interconnect system and, I believe, a battery cell cooling system that surrounds the cells in a dielectric coolant. Both of these advancements free up space inside the battery compartment allowing more cells to be installed. However, Lyon apparently never intended to manufacture its i3 battery pack.
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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade


I am interested. 40kWh (100kW DCFC) sounds good to me. I do not have DC fast charging.
I am actively searching for battery upgrade for my i3.
However, what about installation?
I found a used 90Ah pack, but no shop wants to dot the swap.
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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade

HI, I am interested about 50Kwh but the prices are high.
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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade

I would be interested in the 40 upgrade for my i3 REX, but I'm another client in Maryland, USA.
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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade

I have a 2016 - 94Ahr REX, but would definitely be interested in the 40 or 69 Kwhr upgrade versions once my battery warranty is expired. Gives me the time to save up in the meantime. I've also heard about the LYON battery techniology, but didn't know why their systems were excluded from private sales before now. I am aware that they sell their tech for commercial vehicles in the USA & Canada.
Only thing though, will you be making this available in the UK?
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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade

I wonder how many hours of labor would be added to that? at $90-$150 per hour
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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade

I own a 2014 i3 with a little over 122,000 miles on it. I now get about 60 miles to the charge and would be interested depending on the final cost.
I saw an article that stated replacements at $16,000 about 4 years ago, but it was in the UK.
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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade

What is the status of this project?
Some customers have already asked me for this.
Please write me:
Thank you very much.

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Re: i3 HV Battery Upgrade

You guys do realize that these battery upgrades will also alter the dynamics of the car right? I personally would not do it.

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