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Re: BMW 2021 change to instrument light colours?

websterize wrote: Sun Jan 23, 2022 2:48 pmYes, can confirm Deka/Atelier has no interior lighting choices — "Classic" (reddish orange) or "Modern" (white) — compared to the upgraded interior packages. In fact, there is significantly fewer interior lighting in the basic package. The lack of LEDs from door storage bins, the footwells, under the navigation display, and the missing blue-light overhead when unlocking were noticeable after first moving from Tera to Deka "Worlds".
This is one of the reasons that I won't consider buying a Deka World BEV to replace our 2014 Giga World BEV. Another is that I prefer the lighter Mega and Giga World interiors. I know that early Mega World i3's are missing some Giga World features, but I don't know whether that's true with later models.

A big problem finding a 2019-2021 replacement is that a high percentage of them are Deka World models and thus not acceptable to me.
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Re: BMW 2021 change to instrument light colours?

What gets me with the blue light (sorry, a bit off topic) is... well, what is it?

I'll tell you what it is, it's a sales tool!

The first i3 I looked at was outside in broad daylight, but the next one I sought out was to test drive, and it just so happened the dealership had it stored indoors in a somewhat dark warehouse/garage space. And the sales guy -- well, he knew what's what, because as we walked up to the car he hit the magic unlock button on the FOB and that fantastical blue glow filled the cabin and I was instantly awed: I want to own this car!

I ended up not buying that car but one at a different dealer, but it didn't matter, the impression stuck.

But now, when do I actually get to enjoy that cool blue light? Not often. I usually leave the FOB alone in my pocket and unlock touching the door handles, so no blue light show for me. And in the event I do click the remote, the blue glow times out after maybe 5 seconds.'

So when do I "use" the blue glow? Gotta be at night, gotta be walking with somebody or somebody nearby who I want to nonchalantly show it off to, but they'd better look quick or they'll miss it. (Really, it only gets noticed by my kids, I think.) No, if I'm chatting with a coworker in the parking lot IMHO that blue aura should be present the whole time. What's the point otherwise?

Oh, and why strip this off the Deka cars? Inexpensive to install, and maybe it'll result in another sale or two, maybe just because somebody on the street noticed it and it made them look at an i3 in a "different light" (pun intended).
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Re: BMW 2021 change to instrument light colours?

eNate wrote: Mon Jan 17, 2022 11:08 am Just fair warning to proceed cautiously tampering with the pedestrian warning system. In the event of a pedestrian collision involving serious injury, death, or even just an insurance claim by the injured, if it's discovered that a mandated safety device has been defeated, it could result in lots of trouble, denied claims, civil lawsuits, etc. Personal injury claims are no joke, and there is a lot of money in the table to motivate these attorneys to chase down every lead.

A good point to consider.
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Re: BMW 2021 change to instrument light colours?

The Deka also lacks lights on visor mirrors. Upper trims have lighted visors.
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Re: BMW 2021 change to instrument light colours?

Custom lighting is much better for a car than the standard ones because they are much more colorful and brighter. I changed the standard ones with LED strip lights, and now my car’s interior looks much better. I know that not everyone likes multicolored car lights, but I do, and I turn them on every time I ride my car at night. It gives me a special feeling of being in a movie or something like that. My kids also like it and always ask me to turn on the “party mode” when the lights are synchronized with the music we are listening to. I will not return to the old ones because I like these so much.

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