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Chrome Optic Highlight

I have just ordered my i3 - very excited that this will hopefully be the best version as one of the final ones off the production line with the issues sorted over its lifetime!

One thing my sales agent couldn't clarify if the car will come with the 'chrome optic highlight' that is the chrome sticker that runs along the roofline. It's not an option in the spec sheet and seeing used cars from Sept 2021, some have it and some don't. I have yet to see a 2022 version of the car for sale used.

Any ideas if mine will come with it or not as I'm not sure I want it or not?

I cannot see the option in the configurator either.
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Re: Chrome Optic Highlight

In the US it wasn't optional, it came with the car.. But I hear it's easy to remove with a heat gun and a little bit of time. I keep intending to remove mine -- I'm not a fan of the look -- but I keep finding other things to waste my time doing. :)
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