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power window relearn or reprogram steps

Posted: Fri May 13, 2022 8:00 am
by keepgoing
2014 i3 BEV. The driver side window no longer automatically went down (an inch) when opening the door. The auto-up feature does not work either, but the auto-down is fine. I have to hold up the window switch to keep the window rolling up. The passenger side window is working as designed. So I found out BMW window's comfort function relearn. I only found relearn procedure for BMW's gas guzzler but none about i3/i8.

The procedure is basically, with the car at "ready to drive or on" state with door closed, press the window down button all the way to roll down the window, and hold it for 5 seconds (some calls for 15 sec, to reset the window memory). Then release the button and just press it down one time to hear the motor to engage trying to lower the already down window. Then pull the window button up to roll the window all the way up, once it is at the top, release the button, and pull the button one more time to hear the motor to engage trying to lift the already up window. Then the process is completed.

The process not quite working and it sometimes messed up the window electronic that I can't even open it any more. So the process did something. After playing with the window button and repeat the process multiple time, I am able to get the window back to a state when I began the relearn process with, auto-up no go and no auto down when door is opened.

Does anyone have a window relearn or reprogram process for the i3? Or may be I do have some bad component, like bad memory chip or something, that I need to physically replace. I found a part call Windows Regulator with Motor (OE PART #: 51337352875), would that be the correct part that has the memory function? or it is just simply a motor controlled by other computer in the car.