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rear wheel hub/carrier

Hi there. Was enjoying my i3S till I've hit a street curb HARD. RHS rear wheel carrier has snapped as well as few of the wishbone arms. Question: my hub code is 3332189159. There's one on ebay full set with the same code but he has listed it as a LHS, but exactly the same code as mine, and for the RHS his code differs to mine by 1 number. I got suspicions that he has put them other way round and mixed them up, or that's impossible? How come that same part code, but LHS? Or same code goes for both sides, and the other one he has with a different code is from a different car?
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Re: rear wheel hub/carrier

If you have not already done so, try searching for your specific vehicle at and see if you can find the actual part number(s) for comparison.
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