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EXtender non-use

I got the usual message about the need to run the maintenance cycle. But absurdly it does not enable the maintain charge box which is necessary for the extender to run. So I enabled it and then ran it for sometime on a longer trip but it still keeps nagging and does not display any additionally info as to how longer it needs as it sometimes does.Don't want to buy gas just for that. Somebody here excused this cycle aggro as a need for the engine to get hot enough to burn off water and other contaminants, if that is the case then this cycling is most detrimental as it keeps doing starts and stops if you are out grocery shopping or the like locally. Class action suit for this lousy design? obviously trashing the extender with these ultra short cycles or pay 150 quid an hour for a dealer to do it .Cant believe they'd do it in 1 of their shorter but still extremely overpriced units of work. I rue the day I bought this lemon... any idea how to suppress this annoyance?

accidental good design that washer container easy to get to.

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